Weiss McNair has been a leader in providing nut harvesting equipment for over 40 years. They offer an assortment of 

harvesters, sweepers, and blowers. Weiss McNair is consistently working on more productive and economical 

orchard production techniques, and finding new, challenging ways to address the ever changing and more restrictive 

environmental guidelines. Their goal at Weiss McNair is to be there with you, where it happens, when it’s happening,

leading the way. They have been there first with most of the harvest innovations of the last 50 years and they intend 

to be there for generations to come.

Weiss McNair: More harvest profit at a lower cost

Weiss McNair’s harvesting equipment includes:




Tractor Mount

Sunrise Ag have recently been appointed Weiss McNair Dealers, and are looking forward to support our existing and new customers with all their Weiss McNair requirements.

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