URGENT Trimble RTX has Changed!

URGENT Trimble RTX has Changed!

Date: 17th Sep 2021

Trimble RTX frequency and baud rate have changed!

Please read the entire article, as there is a lot of important information, critical to your operation.

There has been a Trimble RTX beam transition in Australia/Pacific region. This affected all Trimble GNSS receivers using CenterPoint RTX, FieldPoint RTX, RangePoint RTX, ViewPoint RTX and xFill correction services via satellite delivery. This beam change helps to support continuous RTX technology enhancements such as additional GNSS constellations and station upgrades, and will improve the customer experience.

The old beam cut off 30th Sept 2021

We at Sunrise Ag are here to help, however with over 300 RTX/xFill users, it's near impossible for us to get to everyone. (this email alone is going to over 160 people)

So, we have created some cheat sheet to help you to change the frequency and baud rate of your Trimble GNSS devices.

Attached are four documents to cover all devices that are affected, so use the ones that you have on your farm.

Pro_700_AG372_Update_2021.pdf - Most Case IH/NH Tractors, Harvesters & Sprayers

FM750_Update_2021.pdf - For all Case IH/NH/Trimble FM750, CFX750

FM1000_FM1000Plus_Update_2021.pdf - For all Case IH/NH/Trimble FM1000, FMX & XCN2050 running the FM1000+ app

PIQ_Update_2021.pdf - For all Case IH/NH/Trimble XCN750, XCN1050, XCN2050, GFX350, GFX750, TMX2050 running Precision IQ App

## Note - If you have an AG372 on an X20, Rogator with Viper, or a non CNH display, you will need assistance from Sunrise Ag. It can be updated in the branch.

Please pass this info on to your neighbour or friend who might also have a Trimble GNSS device.

This does not affect new Case IH AFS Connect Tractors!

If you want to read more, here is the link to the Trimble documentation

https://positioningservices.trimble.com/resources/sat/Contact your branch, Troy, Matt, Steven M or Steven B if you need help.


Sunrise AG Precision Farming Team

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